// ABOUT ALO.        ALO is the architectural firm founded by Marco Verde in January 2012 specializing in architecture, research and development. Our work emerges from a deep design-research across the fields of biomimetics, computational design, material systems with a special focus on the construction of complex geometries and a responsible adoption of contemporary digital fabrication techniques.

The name, ALO, comes from the greek “àllos”, which means “another” of the same kind. We research innovative

material, structural and spatial qualities and our projects are expression of an evolutionary, non-linear design processes. For every single project, we develop tailored proposals adopting research as a design instrument while we stay in full control of all project phases. From the first preliminary studies to the manufacturing and final construction, the production of ALO aims at a refined integration of architecture, engineering, production and construction.

Our agenda leads us far from a purely utilitarian approach as much as from a formalist

or technocratic attitude. Rather, through generative morphogenetic design strategies we investigate how to organize and augment space enhancing its perception through non-homogeneous spatial organisations, systems capable of performing multiple functions and, in general, designs which qualities surprisingly emerge from their procedural processes of formation.

Through an empirical approach we design and digitally fabricate accurate prototypes, we transform material behaviours in digital systems

and we weave crafts with industrial processes. In our non linear design process, we learn from nature the criteria that govern the growth of complex systems and we investigate the physical behaviour of the materials as well as their inherent principles of self-organization. Therefore, we understand form, space, structure and performance as a whole adopting a holistic point of view.

Learning from different fields of industrial production, we strive to design advanced details and new construction systems to build evocative and durable spatial experiences.