Founded in Cagliari by Marco Verde in January 2012, ALO is an Engineering company specializing in contemporary and experimental architectural design for high-quality experiential spaces dedicated to residence, work, city, and museums, with a particular focus on individual products, parametric design, and digital fabrication.

The name “ALO” draws inspiration from the Greek “àllos,” meaning “another, of a different quality, but of the same type.” From the conception of large-scale architectural projects to interventions in interior spaces, up to the design of individual products, we pursue the creation of contemporary productions with alternative spatial, material, and structural qualities, derived from advanced design approaches.

Our work stems from the intersection of biomimetics, computation, material systems design, and the conscious adoption of digital and robotic fabrication techniques. To fuel our research agenda, we draw from principles governing the formation of complex systems in nature. We design performative strategies for space utilization, devise new construction systems, and study the physical behavior of materials.

Space design is based on morphogenetic strategies to enhance perception with non-uniform spatial formations, develop multifunctional systems, and create new architectures whose quality emerges from the same generative process. With a systemic and empirical approach, we consider form as the materialization of an intrinsic dynamic process within the material’s inherent capacities.

We transform material behaviors into digital systems, intertwining craftsmanship with industrial processes, digitally fabricating accurate prototypes ready for final production and clean, precise assembly on-site. Our research and development activities become the primary tools for design, enabling us to surpass conventional boundaries between architecture, engineering, and production, bridging the gaps in traditional linear processes.

Simultaneously, research allows us to offer our clients fresh, durable productions with a high perceived value, distancing ourselves from purely utilitarian, formalistic, rhetorical, or technocratic architecture. These approaches are now insufficient to concretely address the new social, cultural, environmental, and technical needs of our time.



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