Nanotechnology for Large Organised Distribution


The nanotechnological treatment of glazed surfaces makes them hydrophilic and antistatic, easy to clean and resistant to dirt thanks to the sealing action of the product. LUXkit is a project created to promote the use of this technology within the domestic environment through the Large Organized Distribution and consists of a refined dispenser for the treatment of the surfaces (LUXpad) and a multimedia digital signature totem equipped with a dynamic interface demonstration interface to show the benefits of treatment (LUXtotem).


In order to respond to the two-fold request of the client, we aimed to capture the attention of potential consumers through extremely distinctive designs that would bring out the products in the context of large stores often saturated with the offer. For this purpose, the possibility of carrying out numerous design iterations, 3D printing (SLA) and CNC milling in a very short time thanks to the internal digital manufacturing laboratory of ALO allowed reaching a high level of quality of details both for the dispenser and the exhibition totem.


We have thus developed a low-cost device with a subtle, handy and lightweight design with a rechargeable cartridge. LUXpad (a.k.a. Glassy) allows users, without limitations of gender and age, to treat the glazed surfaces in a practical way thanks to the design itself that makes the task easier. In this regard, a characterizing aspect of LUXpad is the complete integration of the refill cartridge into the dispenser body so that it acts as the handle as well as the hidden trigger to release the liquid.


Always far from a merely utilitarian approach, we decided to tackle the second challenge while sticking to our research program in digital design and production strategies. So we developed the LUXtotem as a composite structure by strategically combining different materials, digital fabrication techniques and manufacturing processes, such as glass fibre vacuum infusion for the construction of the front shield.
The integral approach to the project has allowed us to create an exotic and elegant demonstration totem to capture the interest of visitors in large and crowded commercial spaces. The system is equipped with two glass surfaces, one of which is coated with nanotechnological treatment, on which water is made to flow thanks to an integrated water circulation system to demonstrate the effectiveness of the nano treatment.
The totem had to be light, easy to transport and assemble. Therefore, we have developed a lightweight plywood structure composed of interlocking pieces packed in a small box and ready to be assembled easily by a single operator. The front shield is in fibreglass, light and self-supporting with an eye-catching ultra-glossy finish.




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Marco Verde

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Custom non-standard designs, Digital Fabrication, Poplar Plywood, Advanced Wood construction, Parameteric-Associative Design, Roboti Fabrication, Composite materials



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