An hospitality-focused experiential terrace for la Finestra sul Corso

An experiential terrace in the heart of Cagliari’s History.

The design of the experiential terrace for “La Finestra sul Corso,” an extra-hotel facility nestled in the historic centre of Cagliari, represents an ambitious transformation of a flat rooftop into a versatile green haven. Commissioned by a visionary Sardinian couple residing abroad, ALO studio has reimagined the terrace with panoramic views of Corso Vittorio Emanuele nearby Villa di Tigellio archaeological site, crafting a refined space for connection and renewal, destined to elevate the guest experience within the storied heart of Cagliari.

Innovative outdoor design with unexpected solutions

Confronted with the unique complexities of the surrounding urban fabric and stringent planning regulations, the terrace’s design journey began with a deep contextual analysis, augmented by cutting-edge techniques like Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for wind assessment and precise solar irradiation studies. These computational studies were pivotal in sculpting an intelligent outdoor space, brimming with innovation. The CFD analysis, in particular, informed a creative layout that harmonizes with the client’s aspirations, ensuring the terrace’s optimal enjoyment during all seasons. Meanwhile, the solar study strategically harnesses daylight to foster a warm, inviting atmosphere throughout the day.

A sensory and holistic terrace: crafting intimacy and well-being in a hospitality-focused oasis

Our three-dimensional approach to space considers the encompassing landscape as a dynamic element of the design narrative. We’ve woven a tapestry of “quiet spaces” within the terrace, inviting moments of pause to savour the ambiance, architecture, and verdure. These tranquil enclaves offer unexpected vistas that extend the gaze to distant horizons, transforming the perception of the immediate vicinity.

Here, tailor furniture, multi-level flooring and the deeply integrated vegetation intertwine to create secluded nooks of relaxation and well-being. Amidst the urban core, the design directs attention outward, fostering intimate encounters with nature. The strategic selection of indigenous and endemic Sardinian flora stages a seasonal ballet, immersing guests in an ever-evolving sensory journey through the island’s palette and perfumes. This profound fusion of design and greenery conjures a captivating, contemplative atmosphere, while integrated technological systems like differential automatic irrigation and vaporization climate control ensure unparalleled comfort for guests and seamless management for the property.

Tailored furnishings: a synthesis of excellence and effortless upkeep

Often overlooked, flat rooftops and terraces are, in fact, urban treasures, particularly within the historic centre’s context where they may present intricate morphological challenges. Standard solutions can lead to underutilized spaces and the squandering of precious open-air real estate. Custom furniture design is thus crucial to unlocking the full potential of these spaces. For “La Finestra sul Corso,” bespoke elements like the retractable shading for the dining area, the multifunctional seating bench, or the tiered planters are meticulously crafted, unique to this project. Constructed from resilient materials, these pieces have an architectural value to the definition of the space and are thoughtfully integrated into the functional landscape, demanding minimal maintenance.

Beyond decoration: an Integrated approach

We advocate for a terrace design that transcends mere decoration, requiring specialized expertise and an interdisciplinary mindset. Vegetation and tailored furniture are strictly entwined elements of the new experiential landscape and foster a totally new connection with the surroundings. For a deeper dive into our philosophy and approach, explore our comprehensive article on urban terraces.

Coming to life: the new Chapter of “La Finestra sul Corso”

With all regulatory approvals secured, the project is poised for realization. Stay tuned as we unveil the new chapter in hospitality at “La Finestra sul Corso,” where history and innovation converge to redefine the art of welcome.


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