Pedestrian bridge in Cittadella


The project for the pedestrian bridge in Cittadella proposes an integrated design approach that makes no distinction between form, structure and performance. This is therefore not only a structure as seen from a utilitarian point of view, but form, structure and architectural space are an expression of a holistic understanding of the architectural object. The physical characteristics of the constructive/ structural/spatial system simultaneously express qualities relating to the programmatic, structural, manufacturing, transport, installation and maintenance aspects of the building.


The design integrates the furnishing elements in the same structural constructive elements that define the shape of the bridge. Therefore parapets, lighting systems and seats are integrated into the primary elements with specific interlocking systems and manufactured simultaneously with CAM systems. This particular strategy allows the reduction of the costs necessary for the furnishing. In the case of deterioration, the replacement of the parts is facilitated by a rapid disassembly system.


The body of the structure is based on a sequence slender ribs with variable density and inclination which allow for the reduction of wind intensity and sun glare for people crossing the bridge. The high porosity of the systems allows the view towards the medieval centre of Cittadella while it provides a reduced visual impact for the surrounding landscape. Moreover, the self-supporting global complex geometry reduces and absorbs deformations and oscillations as well.


The design aimed at making the pedestrian crossing completely accessible to people with disabilities without the installation of electromechanical lifting systems. To this end, all the provisions imposed by Italian law have been complied with. In this regard, the design aimed at enhancing the spatial and urban architectural content of the intervention by investing in these aspects the capital otherwise necessary for the installation, maintenance and operation of such equipment.



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