Space Intensifier 1.2

Bespoke outdoor and emotive customizable parametric furniture



Space Intensifier® is a collection of one-off outdoor multifunctional and customizable furniture. The body of Space Intensifier is made of interlocking birch plywood elements and it is an adaptable system designed as to be customized as much as a custom-made suit. Each piece of this collection features a fibreglass composite bottom to be protected from moisture coming from the ground while the wooden membrane is treated with synthetic oils (standard) and nanotechnology products (on demand) for water protection. The collection features an artificial intelligence that intensifies the perception of the surrounding space and interacts with people through suggestive light effects. The built-in emotive RGBW lighting system is triggered by the variations of environmental conditions. These become input for a dynamic response that reveals invisible environmental energy flows as well as the momentary emotional state of the synthetic individual. Each Space Intensifier will have its own “synthetic character” to perform near-living abilities.


As a result, Space Intensifiers have a two-fold life. During the day they enhance the surrounding space with rich chiaroscuro visual effects and material suggestions. At night they keep company with their emotive presence wrapping users in an aura of light in constant modulation. The system is programmed with three emotional states that can be selected through the mobile application MyMood (Android). The system is also equipped with a wi-fi transmitter to share the behavioural data of every Space Intensifier on IoT internet page and become part of the Space Intensifier social network.


ALO wants customers to be involved within the design process. For this purpose, we developed a Custom Design Interface (CDI), a stand-alone Java applet, that allows potential buyers to create hundreds of custom designs in a playful manner directly on their PCs while estimating interactively the cost of their custom design. The Space Intensifier system is intended to be a complete expression of a contemporary process of digital craft that inextricably binds together parametric design, computational design and digital fabrication. Thus, we aimed at developing a product whose design features would undoubtedly motivate the adoption of advanced production technology. To enhance the uniqueness of each piece we will auto-produce a limited edition of 10 unique pieces.


Space Intensifier ® is a registered trademark owned by ALO s.r.l.

Space Intensifier 1.2 (2015) is a complete product ready for production thanks to the support of the “Voucher Startup” grant program promoted by the Institution Sardegna Ricerche

Space Intensifier 1.1 (2015) was exhibited at Salone Satellite 2014 thanks to the support of the “Microincentivi per l’Innovazione” grant program promoted by the Institution Sardegna Ricerche


+ Year


+ Awards, Publications and Exhibitions

// awards
2013_Special Mention in the competition Young & Design 2013 within the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013 in Milan.
2013_Selected for the Open Design Italy 2013 event held in Venice in November 2013.

2017_Salone SAtellite 20years of new creativity, Ed. Corraini Edizioni, Milano, 2017.
2016_SYA. Sardinian Young Architects. Ed. Publica, Cagliari, 2016.

// exhibitions
2017_Salone Satellite 20 YEARS Exhibition
2014_Space Intensifier 1.1 (2014) was presented at the Salone Satellite 2014, within Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014, with the support of the “Microincentivi per l'Innovazione” programme promoted by the Institution Sardegna Ricerche.
2012_Space Intensifier 1.0 (2012) exhibited at The Museum Clay and Glass of Waterloo in Canada in 2012

+ Photographer

Marco Verde

+ Keywords

Bespoke product, customizable product, limited series, Parametric-Associative design, computational design, Formal Systems, Digital Fabrication, Digital Craft.



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